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No time to read? Here’s how you can read a book a day

January 1, 2016

Yes – we all know the excuses (reasons) why we can’t read. We are busy working, or sorting out the children, or too tired, or need to help someone in the house do something. But the truth is, reading doesn’t mean you have to stop everything you’re doing. According to a recent YouGov survey, a staggering 4 million adults don’t read for pleasure. If you’re one of these statistics and want to change that, then audiobooks are the way forward. Read anywhere and everywhere You don’t need a snazzy device or gadget – if you have a smartphone, you can listen to audiobooks on the go. You can download apps like Audible onto your phone, download the book you want to listen to over a wifi or mobile broadband connection and listen. So be it on the bus, in the bath, in the kitchen or garden, you can get reading. There really is no excuse. Audiobooks range from less than an hour to five or six hours in durations (some are longer), so it’s easy to listen to a book a day.   Get children involved If your child loathes anything to do with books, audiobooks bring stories to life – it’s like watching a movie with your eyes shut. Hearing a narrator read in a realistic way really helps children imagine what’s going on, which can only be a bonus for their creativity and story writing. Hearing a story read with emphasis can help your child also improve their reading.


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